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Another FNG from Oregon

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Hi i am persently reto moding a 67 Corvette roadster--Big Block with 4 speed trans--This was nor will ever be a numbers matching car. Hopefully it will be done in a year or two:cheers: this is my 6 th corvette the newest and only new one being a 78 --I also have a modded 55 chevy 2 door sedan that i just finished--350/375hp with a 4L60 trans white over touquoise--I do all my own work and will shortly (weather permitting0 paint the vette to match the 55..sorry i havn't learned to upload pic's--Glenn semper-fi
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Welcome to DC! Look forward to hearing a play by play of your project! :thumbsup:

(FNG :rolling: )
Welcome to the family! :cheers:

I NEED pictures of that '55! :surprised
Welcome to DC... We will get you up to speed on posting pictures.:thumbsup:
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