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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and want introduce myself properly.
In 2000 we bought ourself a corvette, it was a '70 convertible.
We drove the car for two years and then we got a good offer for the corvette, so we sold it. That was the most stupid thing we had ever done, so after being an half year without a corvette we bought a C1 - 1962.
I always wanted a C1, but because we loved the other models also, we bought within two years the following corvette's:
1966 convertible
1969 coupe
1970 LT1
1999 Coupe

Last year we trade the 1999 coupe for a 2003 convertible and we sold the 1970 LT1 to a Dutch clubmember. Corvette's is in my blood and I'm infected for a lifetime. :laughing: A life without a corvette for me is not living at all.


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Welcome to DC

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Here are some pictures of my corvette's:

My C1 is from 1962. I know that it should be in two tone, but I like it.
It has the orginal matching engine in it of which i'm very proud off. But there things on the C1 which isn't matching and in the near future I want to restore the C1 like those guys from the NCRS do.

At this moment I'm restaurating the '66 C2. The engine and gearbox is already done, i'm almost finished with the interior (just have to do the convertible top) and then he's going to the painter. So next year Í will be able to drive it again.

This '69 C3, I bought from a men who started a total restauration, but got tired of it after one year work. we want to finish the job and last year we brought it to the painter. The painter has paint the corvette in the wrong color, so we've to go back. He used the wrong kind of blue on this corvette.
I hope to finish the job next year.

This was the '70 LT1 we had for many years. This corvette was really very fast and we had much fun with this corvette. Last year we sold it to a Dutch clubmember and happily for us we see this car very often on meetings. I'm very glad that this corvette is sold to also a corvette freak, because then you know that the corvette is in good hands.

Our love for corvette started with this corvette of 1970. This was our first corvette. Because this corvette was leaking a lot of oil, we thought that this was not normal and at time we found a blockrevison to expensive, we sold it in 2001. That was the most stupid thing we've ever done. If we knew then what we knew now, we never ever sold it. But people make mistakes in live.

In 2002 we bought this C5 (1999). The special thing about this car was that it had parkingsensors. This corvette we used to go to meetings abroad, like germany etc. We sold it last year, because my boyfreind wanted a C5 convertible instead of a coupe.

After selling the 1999 coupe in 2006, we bought this corvette. We only had it for one month. It turned out that the seller had scamed us. It wasn't easy, but the dealer who sold us this car, toke it back. So there is not much I can tell you about this C5.

Within two weeks we had a "good" convertible. This C5 is from 2003 and I must say "I like driving a convertible". We have it for one half year, but I don't regret the fact that we sold the coupe for a convertible. We want to do some mods on this corvette, like long tube header, x-pipe, cats, Z06 Ti exhaust and a good tune. The stock exhaust is just to soft, but because it is a convertible we don't want the exhaust to be loud, that's why we think a Z06 exhaust will be good choice.

So now you have seen all the corvette I now own and have owned.
I hope you like what you see and if not, I could care less, I love them all. :laughing:


miss Petra
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