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Chalky said:
Just curious. My 01 is up in July. Looking for another Z06 like an 02 in blk/blk.
FWIW, Chevy dealers are stocking up on 2003 Z06s because the more C5s they sell (especially Z06s) the greater their allocation for the C6. They are quite candid about being willing to deal to move these cars (some of which they are upside-down on because they purchased them from other dealers). Check the GM BuyPower site and do a locate for a Z06. It will return all Z06s within 33 miles of your house. I found 51 Z06s here in Southern California and they are dealing[b/]. Several local dealers are buying cars from dealers as far away as Tennessee just to bump their allocation. If the economy stays in the doldrums (a good bet) then they should have plenty of them in June-July, so you may be able to work a very favorable deal. While they are not currently offering 0% finacing on Corvettes, that may change if they have unsold inventory. Try to make a deal on a low VIN # (the last five digits) since that indicates how long they have been paying "flooring" costs on the car (ask to see the invoice to get the delivery date but ignore the cost numbers, that's not what they pay for the car, that's for consumer consumption).

These dealers are even buying Museum Delivery cars that were cancelled by the buyer (or the buyer was unable to get the car financed).

I discovered this because I wanted to trade mine for a Millennium Yellow '03 Z06. Ordinarily this would not be possible but with the prices dropping it may just be do-able.

Also, check with the dealer. If your lease is through GMAC they may offer you an early-termination if you buy (or lease) another one from them.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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