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Hey guys. As some of you know I am piecing together parts for my build on my 77 vette. I have seen many budget builds featured in magazines, most all have a similar recipe. Vortec heads, high cfm carb, and a mild to radical cam. All of these articles end up pushing around 400 hp give or take. I have contacted Summit Racing and have secured a semi sponsorship. They are willing to donate parts to my engine if I can get a feature in a major magazine. My main twist to the old story is that summit rebrands many parts from major suppliers under their brand name. I am looking to run summit brand vortec heads, summit intake, summit carb, summit headers, summit cam, and summit stamped 1.6 rockers. Also I will throw in a summit higher stall converter. So, old story with a new budget minded twist. If anyone has a contact I would be extremely grateful just to talk with them on the phone and present my car for a feature. The parts are all paid for as well as engine, install, dyno and track time they just have to be interested in writing an article. Thanks!!! And If I cant post something like this I apologize to the moderators.
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