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Anyone know whos vette this is?

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I would like to figure the mod list and power this guy is running to be able to lay rubber through 3rd gear :laughing:
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I'm pretty sure it's members car.....Those wheels and the Blackouts looks very familair:thumbsup:
I remember sumone repainting the stock flag emblem... same person maby?
If I get my job, I should have a Z by the end of the year and after reading a TON from this site and other sites, I am still getting mixed results on my question.

Is it safe to run 6-7 psi on the stock bottom end of the ls6 on 93 octane?

I emailed sts turbo and I guess Ill find out tommarrow.
a squires twin turbo kit would do the trick thats for sure
their kit is rear mounted right? I think that helps keep everything a bit cooler
few more q's

are the z quater panels and fenders the same as the regular c5? other than the emblem and brake vents are their exteriors the same? I know you can get the c5 in a hardtop.

From what I know, the difference btw the ls1 and ls6 are heads and cam? casue the c5 and z are only ~ 50 hp apart
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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