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If it has been a year or 15,000 miles, your engine could have already built up deposits.

We all know the importance of changing your oil, but many people forget about the importance of performing regular fuel system maintenance. The fuel system is a critical system when it comes to the performance of your Corvette, and since the deterioration of your engine’s performance is so gradual, it is less noticable.

PROBLEM - Deposits in the fuel and air intake system cause:

-Hard Starting
-Rough Idling
-Loss of power
-Poor fuel economy
-Increased emissions
-A need for higher octane gas

SOLUTION - Completely clean the entire fuel system of deposits:

-Fuel lines
-Fuel Injectors
-Intake valves
-Comustion chambers
-Throttle plate and throttle valve

For performance, safety, and the life of your Corvette, make sure a Velocity Corvette Fuel System Tune-up is part of your normal maintenance schedule.

For a limited time receive $10 off the regular price of $169.95 for a complete three step Fuel Injection Service. Just mention this ad to receive your discount.

Offer expires April 30, 2007
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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