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Are you hungry?

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I'm eating a sub from Subway and it taste good, but for some reason when I think about my taste even BETTER!!!

My Subway sub tastes like melodic, and smooth burgandy painted curves. It taste like an engine at peak performance. It tastes like taking every winding curve and envolping all of the precision and G forces. It tastes like all of the woman that I can thank my car for. It taste like chicken if chicken were a high speed 93 roadster swimming in the waves of roadway that never seem to quit on a gas tank that stays 3/4's of the way full for an eturnity. That Subway sub tastes like hot, passionate sex. I love this Sub!!! It's pretty good!

Remember everyone! If you want to experience something at it's fullest potential then think about your corvette while you are experiencing it.

You fella's that are experiencing something erotic and trying this out...keep your mouths shut!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT!!!
The moment you scream out the year and edition corvette that you have in bed YOU'LL BE IN BIG TROUBLE!!!
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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