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It's NOT a river in Egypt.
You say he's denying? WTF do you think Obama, and you 'obstructionists' have been doing since the problem has been escalating?

All in the name of tolerance, feelings, and misplaced victimization.
Do you mean the President who sent troops to the border(Obama) or the one who did nothing while this escalated to the point where we had to send troops to the border????

If armed illegals are crossing the border to kill ranchers and behead people do you realy think that Brewers law to catch illegals will stop that????

Obama did the right thing by sending troops and Brewer tries to take the credit by talking about a weak and unconstitutional law, that she signed. Sure it makes some Arizonins feel safe....right up to the point where some guy sneeks across the border and shoots thier ass.

By the way the thing that is not a river in Egypt is in not the Nile. :crazy::crazy::crazy::WTF:WTF:WTF

Deny would be more like not the science guy. :laughing:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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