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Aspiring Newbie (C3)

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I've browsed this forums a bit, and contrary to my expectations, I don't see a lot of posts like this one. I hope this doesn't mean I'm in for some flames. ;)

So I've dreamt of owning a black C3 since I was a kid, and then all of a sudden I realized I could actually afford one (money wise anyway). So I bought a couple of books on purchasing and maintaining stingrays and of course I've already found my dream car in a local ad.

My question is this. If I'm a novice when it comes to cars (I can install new brakes, but that's about it), is a C3 too much upkeep for me? I'm really tempted to get the Vette appraised and buy it as my daily driver. My hope is I can find a good mechanic that'll run through another inspection and give me a crash course in late 70's auto construction.

How stupid is this plan? It's hard to be rational... after all the whole point of a Vette is that it's impractical, right?

As a daily driver, is there anything other than (1) no trunk, glove box, etc. and (2) a throaty engine that'll wake up the neighbors at 3 am (yes please)?

P.S. I'm stuck in an apartment for the foreseeable future with very room for heavy tools.
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Welcome to the forum. :cheers:

Your doing the right thing by coming here and asking the questions you have.:thumbsup:

DO YOUR HOMEWORK WELL........the newest C3 out there is still 25 years old.
There are some really good How-to threads in the C3 section. Read them....
If you feel this sort of thing is not beyond your abilities, go for it.

A fixer-upper is just that and I personally would NOT recommend you buy one as
an ONLY vehicle with limited mechanical skills. Most Apartment Complexes frown
on mechanical repairs being done in their parking lots and a GOOD vette mechanic
isn't going to be cheap.

I too wanted a Vette since I was a kid, bought my first one a month ago at 42.
So I know the desire.........but I've been a Paint & Body tech all my life so it's
not all that foreign to me.

I'm not trying to be discouraging...........but realistic.

But if you do decide to make the dive there are a lot of good folks here to
help answer questions. :D
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Welcome to DC:buhbye:
Welcome to DC... I have always been the one that if I wanted some thing I always went after it full bore. I've never been sorry...:thumbsup:
I daily drove my first Vette, a '77, and it is do-able. However I agree with everyone else that has posted. I don't know your financial situation, but an early C5 or a C4 can be had quite reasonably, and would serve as a much better daily driver while providing all the thrills of Corvette ownership. That way you can have all the fun, and save the shark project for later.

BTW - Welcome to Digital Corvettes!! :thumbsup:
C3's dont make the best daily drivers, especially if your not that familiar with cars (or carburetors!!). The suspension is rough, the gas mileage is bad, and the T-tops usually arent that great at keeping the rain out. Do you have an indoor parking spot at your apartment? What is the parkinglot like at work?

I do not want to talk you out of buying a c3 (they are the coolest corvettes :devil: ), but if your going to get one, make it your fun car not your DD. I agree with vettecop, take a look at some newer vettes and save the C3 for when you have the space for it.

C3s aren't practical cars but they sure are fun. Welcome aboard.:cheers:
:) i found a good deal and jumped on it.

luckily for me, i have a garage, the wife's lexus and my civic will be outdoors for the winter while my c3 is getting taken apart xD
Welcome aboard. Enjoy !!!! :cheers:
Welcome:buhbye: :buhbye:

When I found my C3 it needed alot of TLC. I am the one who ended up fixing all of it. :partyon: :partyon: My BF guided me along the way and he told me that I had to do it myself. The car is very easy to work on compared to all the high tech computer junk that is on the new cars.

I installed new master cylinder, brakes, plugs, wires, distributor, carburator plus much much more. :D I only broke off one spark plug. :laughing: Not far enough down though that it couldn't be gotten out easily.

If I can do can too.

I am sure that EASY instructions can be found on DC if you don't have someone that can personally guide you.
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