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at times finding the cause of a problem can be entertaining..
last Friday, one of my neighbors called a local dealership,
to arrange an appointment with that dealer's service dept.
he said the brakes on his 1995 vette started acting "funny",
as yes they worked,
but had started to required a great deal of effort that was not previously required about a week ago.
,the dealer told him to come in Monday.
not wanting to wait over the weekend my friend had a local tire store service and replace the brakes, getting the car back,
he said it was only marginally improved so he asks me to look over the car..
it took about 10-12 minutes to locate the source of the problem,
and he almost went face-first into the windshield the first time he applied the brakes,
after I made a minor change, as he was by now used to stomping on the brake pedal to stop the car...
his whole issue was that the vacuum hose.
that connected the brake booster to the engine had come mostly loose.
only after I pointed out the problem did he reluctantly admit he might have unplugged the hose during a recent tune-up

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You would have thought the engine would not have been running right then with that massive vacuum leak
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