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Attention [code] Help need PLZ!

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I drive a 2000 c5 and since i have purchased it it has always said service veichle soon when you start it up, but i press reset and it goes away. I took it to my local chevy dealer, and they said that it was a steering wheel sensor and it would cost like $1200 just for the sensor or something like that, so i just kept pressing the reset button, since i didnt see that it was affecting my car in any way. Recenty my service traction control and ABS lights have been coming on randomly while driving. And my Trans Fluid Temp shows up as XXX. So i thought i would check my codes to see if i could figure out the problem. I checked it and my car is throwing 14 codes! Here is my list.

10-PCM P0713 HC
P1571 HC
P1635 H
p1639 H

28-TCS NO COMM. ????

58-SPM U1040 HC

60-IPC U1040 HC
U1160 H

B2284 H
U1064 H

B2285 H
U1064 H

Can anyone help me PLEASE? any info would be greatly appreciated, I know about as much about electronics as I know about women. Which isn't much!
Thanks, Nic
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My codes list is out in the garage so I can't look it up till AM. But I think I'd find somebody that works on Vettes and have them look at it. Most of these yahoos that work at Chevy dealerships don't know diddly about Vettes. Hang in there. We'll get you some answers.
ABS and PCM Codes.
Okay, a lot of your codes are past codes, the ones with an H after it. The ones that have a C or HC are current problems. First thing I'd do is check the voltage on your battery. A lot of times, a weak or failing battery will throw all kinds of codes. How old is the battery?
I couldn't find the P0713 on my list. But the P1571 is ASR Desired Torque (whatever that means:crazy: )
The U1040 is loss of communication with TCS (traction control system) A lot of your codes have to do with the control modules.
Anyhow, check the battery first. If it's a new battery and it's got enough juice, then I'd get it in to someone who's familiar with Corvettes (not necessarily the dealer) and have them run diagnostics on it. Hopefully it's an easy fix.:cheers:
The P0713 is why youve got XXX as a trans temp, its a TFT high code.

P1571 is for TCS, as stated, it results from a circuit or module(PCM or EBCM)issue.

the P16XX are 5 volt reference but history and likely unrelated.

U1160 is no comm with Left Door Module, likely unrelated

The B228X codes are all voltage related codes for the doors, this could be low charge battery or open fuses in the past.

The no comm with the TCS and the P1571 go together, and lead me to believe youve got a power/ground , class 2 or module issue with the EBCM(electronic brake control module). I'd check the integrity of the connections at the EBCM(its mounted on the LH front frame rail.) and also check to make sure your battery positive terminal isnt leaking(theres LOTS of wires that are very susceptible to acid damage from a leaking battery) was it replaced for leaking in the past?
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