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Aussie model builder needs...HELP !!!

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I build model cars as a hobby (cheaper than 1:1...):D
I've started working on a 1/12 scale Corvette, which I'm back dateing from a 1976 to 1974 by revising the bumpers front and rear, and also converting from bubbleback (?) to Stingray fastlback...if thats the correct way to describe it....

I've looked at heaps of photos, but can't be sure if the rear window opening on a '74-76 is the same as a 1969....??
I have a 1/25 scale '69 I'm using as a comparrison, but it looks too different to the pics I've seen of 74 model Vettes

Was the rear window (vertical) the same shape/size from 1969-1974 ??
Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated thanks guys.:cheers:

To give you a hint, as to why bother converting a 76 to a will be a replica of a fairly famous(infamous) and quite rare Supercar, from the stable of Mr Rosen....the last one to roll from his shop....;)
All going to plan, I'll also have a 1968-9 Vette and a 70-73 Camaro to sit along side on the shelf.....I'm looking at a 69 Vette (1/12) as we speak, the Camaro may take a while longer, as there is no such kit....:down: .....BUT, I have a 1973 Pontiac Firebird I'm looking at converting......:bang

I'll update you on my progress, if anyone is interested...It wont be as exciting as a "real" build for you, bit it will be for me....

Thanks again guys.:)
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Corvettes had the flat rear window from 68 to 77, the only difference I know of is from 68 to 72 it was removable.
The 'bubbleback' appeared in 1978.

The rear window from 1968 thru 1972 was removable, and was fixed in place from 1973 thru 1977. However, as far as I know (and I've looked at lots of C3's), the actual window and window bodywork is essentially identical between the early (removable) and later (nonremovable) cars.

If you intend to correctly model a 1974, then the rear panel should appear to be two piece, and the Corvette emblem will be spaced out, as shown in the picture below (sized large to show detail - sorry!)...

However, on '75 & up, the rear panel is one piece ...

and I can't detect a difference in the design of the rear window between the removable and nonremovable in this picture of an earlier C3.

Good luck with your model!

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...Was the rear window (vertical) the same shape/size from 1969-1974 ??...
Yes. Ditto for '68. Ditto 75-77. All the same.

Huge thanks guys.:cheers:

Steven, your info is priceless. I can not thank you enough mate.
I wasn't aware of the split rear panel either...that will be an easy fix on a model, thank goodness.....:laughing:
I'm a little concerned about the script/lettering looks a bit different on this 76 kit, but I think I can get around that too...
Fantastic pics too man, love it.:thumbsup:
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