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HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) is winding down and will be gone by the end of the year. GMSV is spooling up and will replace HSV. GMSV will convert 40-60 HSV dealers to the new organization name and will keep about 200 HSV employees. GMSV is will continue to offer the Silverado 1500, previously converted to righthand drive, and then sold by HSV. It will be joined by the Silverado 2500, the upcoming Hummer EV line, and select Cadillacs. There is speculation that the Tahoe and/or the Suburban could join their pickup cousins but that could interfere with the Hummer line. The Camaro will not be offered. 2023 will be the last year for Camaro for the foreseeable future. No Gen 7 model is being developed and GM expects to retire the 'Camaro' name...again. A ponycar that shares a Cadillac chassis makes for a good handling vehicle, but a costly one, especially after a righthand conversion. HSV tried selling a 2SS but the pricing came in at $89k when the Mustang GT was priced at $64k.

No word as yet what the C8 pricing will be, but the fact that the Aussie model will leave Bowling Green with no mods required down under, should shave at least one middleman's profits off the selling price.
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