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Ok now that were all here and the hugs are over :laughing:

It's time to get back to work...

I'm FINALLY getting back to work on my project...

Parts stacked up waiting to be installed...

Sweet Mfg Telescoping Steering column
Wilwood Brakes all 'round
New Diff 3:36
ROD 6 speed 0.80 OD
new diveshaft
new ebrake cables
Subfloor and seat mounts/harness tabs/Ultrashield seats
Homemade 6 link rear
Telescoping half shafts
Modified VS offset trailing arms with Johnny joints
Oil cooler liners/Oil temp sender
PS cooler
4 pole Master battery/Alt disconnect
New door hinges and pins
Tubular Lower A arms to match the uppers-- Making the cross shafts now
Homemade rod end conversion for the front sway bar
Drivshadt saftey loop

Planned for this winter...
fire bottles/and new dash
Rewire whole car to use weatherpack connectors
and lastly titanium rotors :rolleyes:


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ooh..suspension stuff :D my favorite :D be sure to snap lots of pics of the suspension stuff... reminds me...still need to measure and order those telescopic shafts.

Telescopic shafts, johnny joints... my kind of stuff ;)

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Three more classes and a final exam and this semester of grad school is over and its time for some R&R...

My SONY DSC-H1 is all charged up and ready to document.


PS the Ti rotor reference was just to see if you were paying attention... We use'em for the rear brake rotor on the bikes all the time... :D
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