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Been busy... again... this time the little lady's new shark....

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So, I posted a few weeks back that I picked up a a nice '76 coupe for my wife, and though we liked it as-is, by now you should all know I can't leave well enough alone.:laughing:

What started out as "I'll change the plugs and wires and clean it up a little" turned into two weeks of parts gathering and garage time;)

Before pics of engine bay as it was when we picked it up,

and AFTER, the way it looks now after some new goodies (OK a LOT of new goodies:laughing: ) and some cleaning...

couple of adjustments still need to be made and some final buttoning up and tidying of wireing etc., should be all wrapped up this weekend. (Then next on the list is a bottom end/undecarriage steam clean and a new oil pan gasket. Then some new mufflers to liven up the note of the dynamax headers:devil: )

and can't forget about the interior...

Cleaned and oiled all gauges and intsalled new white face indiglo overlays. Complete LED retrofit of every interior/dash bulb. And a stereo upgrade including a Custom Autosounds USA-6 factory-look unit with digital tuning, CD changer controls and iPod input with new Pioneer dash speakers. Fixed a couple of minor issues and finally reassembled and replaced every trim screw with new.

And finished off with a serious Adam's detail, even behind the dash right down to the ductwork:thumbsup:

came out pretty nice if I do say so myself;)

Thanks Raidmagic and ditchdigger for hangin' out and for your help along the way:cheers:

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Looks Great Dave, oops I mean Dawn :thumbsup:
Congrats. Now she is officially yours! Give me a shout if you need help on these projects. Looks like a great way to spend a weekend.
dang it looks GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im starting to like the white faced gauges
anyone what to do it for me?????
SWEET!!! Need to see this in person. Maybe sometime this weekend...have a function after work Friday.
Wow, I love the chrome intake! Razor sharp contrast against the white exterior. :thumbsup:
:surprised Holy crap! That freakin' thing looks awesome Sheriff!

Congrats Dawn! :cheers:
so what did you change? :lookinup:

You absolutely turned that thing around, Dave. Great work! It looked good before, but now it's a whole new story. Wanna do mine next?
Wow! Next time put a warning that you need sunglasses to look at those pics!

BTW... If ya want to sell those old valve covers - Let me know!
Good thing you decided not to mod this one.:laughing:
We'll get the timing and carb straightened out this weekend and that puppy should scream.:thumbsup:

I cannot believe how much work you got done in such little time. You are the magic man. :thumbsup:
BTW, I mentioned it beofre, but you really need to replace the steering wheel. Here is mine. It made a huge difference.
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dayum!!! You have completed in several weeks what I have been thinking about for the past 8 months. I am such a spank! congrats:cheers: really did some work on her...She looks amazing:thumbsup:
LOOKS F**KING GREAT BRO!!!!!!!!!!:surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised :partyon: :partyon: :partyon: :partyon:
LOOKS F**KING GREAT BRO!!!!!!!!!!:surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised :partyon: :partyon: :partyon: :partyon:
Can I say anything but :agree: ? I guess not!:devil: :thumbsup:
Well, now you have a good enough excuse for not replying to my PM's.

but next time....

Seriously bro, great work! Dawn's ride is always #1, especially when its a Vette. Were you able to check out the condition of the brakes (pads, lines, rotors) yet?
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