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Best insurance for Corvette

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:) Just got my first Vette 2 weeks ago. I got insurance thru the same company my cars are insured thru (Met Life). When I got it insured at first they told me that they won't give me comp or collision since it is too old (1986). Then I call back a week later cause I had a question on my policy and then they tell me that they are starting to offer comp and collision but it is too old and it is not worth it. :huh: Does anyone know of a good insurance company that will give agreed value and is not too strict? I like to be able to do some mods to it in the near future.
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I have American Collectors Insurance, but I'm afraid that yours is too new. I just squeaked in because mine turned 20 last year. What about haggerty?
I gave them a call and they told me it was too new. They only go up to 1982 on the vettes
we have erie insurance on our vette as a pleasure only vehicle
Do they give you agreed value?
I don't have the phone number but they are in Elmhurst, IL...Rally Insurance, they do exotics- etc. I almost insured my 98 with them a few years ago but I would have put too many miles on it for their coverage. If you don't find them on line or in yellow pages on line let me know (email) I'll dig number out.

They are on Industrial Drive, Elmhurst, IL, 60126 quoted me $270 a year, with an agreed value. Full coverage, but the catch is no more than 5k miles a year, and it is for pleasure use only, but if I decide to drive it to work and something happens, then I am out! Also no mods, unless it is to return it back to its original state, is not accepted :nuts:
Rally Insurance, thanks for the heads up. I will look them up.
Try Leland West.
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