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Hey guys,

I got Fkumoro's transmission installed this weekend with a new clutch and thought I crossed my T's and dotted my I's, but I guess not. I buttoned everything back up around 10pm last night and thought we were golden. First, I'd like to say after thinking about it my clutch may not have been bleed correctly. Before we installed the Torque Tube into the clutch we bleed the clutch then. I did not see any way to do that after the TT was installed. The pedal was tight when we bleed. After the car was put back together the clutch went straight to the floor. It gained pressure after a little while, but would not disengage after a little use. Did I bleed it at the wrong time? If so, I will be buying a remote bleeder this go around. Should I have bleed it after bolting the TT to the clutch? If so, I need to take a trip to Detroit(or wherever they are) and kick those engineers directly in the ASS. The other issue I am having is I have no problems shifting and driving in 2nd gear or 4th gear(didn't go any faster to need 5th or 6th) but could not for the life of me keep the car in 1st or 3rd. It tried to go then rattled a sec and spit it out of gear. Is this a shifter linkage issue? After driving the 2+hours home in my dad's truck last night I got to thinking about how that was set up and to tell the truth I don't think it was "set-up" but more or less put on and installed. It seems to me that it has to be a shifter linkage issue, due to it having no issues with the gears on the bottom (evens), but will not let me into and stay in the gears on top. Reverse did work, but it was pushing it.

Any suggestions questions? I have one week to figure this out. My plan as of right now is to pull the engine, remove the clutch and flywheel, re-install it, install a remote clutch bleeder on the car and put it back together. I will also adjust the linkage to make it slide farther into the transmission. Does this sound like a good plan or am I wasting my time?

Thanks in advance,

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