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This installation is specific to a 2004 Coupe with the Bose stereo.

After a lot of research and help from folks on the forum I have my new Pioneer HU working great with the Bose Amps and Speakers. A couple requirements: Your new HU must have RCA jacks for the Sub and the pre-amp must put out a minimum of 4 volts. Also, I am only going to focus on the wiring for the SVEN2 as the rest of the wiring is standard and is pretty much color for color. **The blue wire from the Harness powers the Bose Subs and should be connected to the Pioneer HU's Amp Power-On wire (blue/white wire for the Pioneer)**

From the New HU via the RCA jacks to the SVEN2 Input RCA Jacks, then the SVEN2 output is the 4 prong jack with the Grey and White Speaker Wires that go to the 9-pin jack of the SVHGM4 Harness. Note you have to open up the SVEN2 and replace the Jack that has the stripped wires with the Jack from the Harness. Both switches should be set to RCA. You then plug the harness - 9 pin jack male of harness into the stock female 9-pin jack and the main harness jack into the main female stock. The other 4 pin jack on the harness with the Green and Purple wires in not plugged in

Remember you will be connecting the bare wires from the New HU jack to the bares wires of the SVHGM4 Harness. That includes the front and back speaker wires. Crutchfields wiring schematic is correct. It sounds great when you are done. The hardest part is then getting all of those wires stuffed back in!

Also I placed the Ipod box behind the ashtray.

I have posted additional images in my directory...
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