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brake lights problems

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During the last few weeks i noticed that sometimes the brake lights were on eventhough the brake pedal was released.....
But last night when i left the car, everything switched off, the brake lights were still on....and would not switched off!!!! :crazy:
So i had to restart the engine, press the pedal several times until it switched off!!!

Any idea? did some of you guys experienced that kind of problem?

thanks and nice day!

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the switch could be sticking or have a loose conection, the way the switch works is this: it sits on the shaft of the brake pedal, when you press the pedal the switch (its a push button) gets pressed, also it has a fail safe that if you take it off ant the button comes out the breaks turn on.

see if you can find it where the pedals are.
ok thanks a lot i'll have a look to see if i can find this button and fix something:thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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