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Yesterday while driving home from work I noticed my Brake light coming on during mild acceleration, I figured it might mean the brake fluid is a little low so I stopped and checked it. The fluid level was just above the minimum line but not full so I added some fluid to it and drove it home. Later that night I took the car out and I had no brake pedal at all. It would just go to the floor. It would stop the car but something was defiantly wrong. I thought maybe I had a leak with the fluid somewhere but the fluid level looked ok.

I got a ride to work today so I haven't had a chance to check it out, but wanted to know what you guys think it could be. I'm going to bleed the brakes later and see if that does anything. I just recently put new pads on the car around 7k miles ago and had no issues up until now. Could it possibly be a vacuum leak or maybe even the master cylinder? It's just strange to me that it happened all of a sudden. :WTF


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