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Making some progress this round. Decided to keep everything as is, so that I can enjoy the car once I get it going. Reconditioned the fuel tank with a new spill boot, gasket, and rubber bumpers. Also put new hoses on it, put on an Edelbrock fuel pump, and new fuel hard line to the q-carb.
Bought a new battery, and new cables. Haven't installed those yet, as they just showed up. But threw some fuel in the tank and waited. Sure enough, started smelling gas. Discovered I didn't get a fitting tightened down. Fixed that, cleaned it all up and waited more smell.
Fired it up, and got to listen to the side pipes sing again! Can't believe how much I've missed that sound!

Next to finish buttoning up the 200R4, shorten the drive shaft, and install the shifter, and figure out the lock up circuit. That should be interesting.

I also tried to gut out the power steering. Had heard that it was just a power valve attached to the linkage. Got it half way tore apart and discovered that it's integrated. So I am going to replace that as well. Would prefer to go manual steering, but I'm going to keep it stock in that aspect for a while. For right now I am going to just remove the ram and the hoses, and take the belt off. That's an interesting tid bit as well, as I discovered the power steering belt rubs on the top side of the crank pulley area. If I was a betting man, i'd say it's not supposed to do that. lol.
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