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I have a question regarding a broken part inside the door sill. I have no question what it is actually called so maybe you guys can help me identify its name.

The part that is actually broken is not the striker, but the metal cup piece sirectly above the striker. It has a rubber boot cover around the base of it it and wedges into the door sill. It accepts (like a female end) the metal pointy thingy on the door itself (like a male end) and they mate together. I don't think you guys want me to draw pictures, now do you?

It would be a great help if you can guys tell me what actually this part is called (is not listed in my Haynes manual), because its kinda tough trying to order something in which you have no idea in what it actually is called! :huh:

Thanks in advance!:D

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When I am trying to track down a WEIRD part for my C4, I take a quick spin over the Chevy dealer's parts department.

They'll pull your year car up on the screen, and they can actually see a full schematic of your car. They will then locate the piece, and give you a GM part number, description and a quote. You can buy it from them, or use that info to track down the part elsewhere.:thumbsup:
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