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Warren Buffet said:
South Korea is a “hunting ground” for acquisitions, said Buffett, who prefers larger companies. Berkshire committed more than $35 billion to takeovers in the last two years.

“We’re ready to invest, and basically the bigger the better,” said the 80-year-old billionaire investor. “Large companies appeal to me and Korea has a number of large companies obviously, so it’s a hunting ground.”

Buffett reiterated that he is open to buying non-U.S. companies, while also saying U.S. businesses remain more likely his targets. Berkshire invested in TaeguTec through Iscar, the Tefen, Israel-based toolmaking unit.

“We do pile up cash, month by month, and we’re looking for large businesses to buy,” Buffett said. The U.S. is “the most familiar to me, so it’s most likely where we would do something.”
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