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Build Sheet

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:huh: Hi guys.
This is ADIOSSS from Nashville, Tennessee.
I hate to be so ignorant about this but can someone tell me what's the importance in obtaining a Build Seet, what does it looks like, what info. contains and how go I get one for my 07 Le Mans blue?
I attempted to post some photos of my joy and pride but couldn't do it. I e mailed some ones to your web site hoping that someone could post them for me but it hasn't happen. I would really like to show i off, Thanks guys and Keep Vetting.:WTF :cheers:
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I'm trying to get a picture of a build sheet for you, but here is where you can order one:

Can't wait to see the pics! That's a great color in my opinion! :D
Welcome to DC. Glad you're here with us
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