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I have a strange problem with my 2002 Z06.

The car sets code C1226 Front wheel speed variance at speeds over 105 MPH. I discovered this while at the drag strip. I am going to a road race day in 2 weeks and want to solve the problem before then as when the code sets I loose my ABS and active handling.

Here is what I have done so far:

As there is some confusion it seems on the DTC lists on if C1226 is for the left or right front tire I checked both.

Left wheel sensor resistance 1126 ohms, right wheel 1223 ohms.
I can achieve over 100mV AC easily by spinning the tire as fast as I can.

I have cleaned the sensor connectors on left and right front with contact cleaner.
I have cleaned the short wire loom connector that connects the sensors and confirmed the prongs seat tightly.
I have disconnected the short wire looms and cleaned the connectors and checked the prongs. I took my voltage and resistance checks from here as well and they agree with what was measured directly at the sensors, so I thing the short looms are ok.

There is some talk of high frequency noise from the ignition wires but I do not think this is happening as at the drag strip I went to red line in 1st, 2nd and 3rd and did not set the codes. I believe this is speed dependent unless someone thinks it is the time you spend at high RPM in fourth that does it.

I do not have a scan tool to monitor while driving. I risk my license every time I check to see if it is still happening:devil: . I did all the cleaning and checking this morning, cleared all history codes, ran to 110 mph and it came in. I cleared the codes and tried again and like clockwork it came in at just over 100. Tried 3rd time with same results.

Do I bite the bullet and replace the bearing/sensor? Which side? I need to confirm if C1226 is left or right.

Help!!! My road day at mosport is 2 weeks away. If the instructor sees my IPC light up like a Xmas tree when I hit 100MPH I am afraid they will turf me from the session.
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