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C4 L98 350 Chev Info

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Hi people,I am new to your fantastic site and am looking for some advise.

I have an oppurtunity to buy a 1989 c4 L98 Vette,with factory ZF 6spd manual,seems to have a bit of fruit on it(k&n filter assy,hooker headers,18inch 2 piece mags,large brakes and heavy suspension,full skirt kit,hypertech comp,full stainless exhaust)this vehicle has only travelled 65000KM not miles, is not road registered, but that isnt really an issue. I was wandering what would one of these be worth?. Im considering buying it even if I have to use it as a donar to build something else. What would the engine and box be worth, including loom and comp?.

Would appreciate any advise or info from anyone, Pros and cons of owning one.

Oh yeah I live in New Zealand,please dont judge me!!Ha Ha.

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Welcome to DC!

The most interesting aspect about this car is the manual transmission. Only about 20% - 25% of C4's were built that way, so finding a good solid car with MT is a good thing.

The extras that you mention are the primary source of concern. If you like the way they look, and you want the car to look that way, then they tend to add value. On the other hand, if you intend to buy the car, and then rip them all off in an attempt to return the car to stock, then they detract from its value.

I'd say (and this is PURE SPECULATION, since I can't see the car) that assuming good to excellent condition, you MIGHT see a price approaching $10k (USD) on a very good day. If the add ons were done poorly, or there are obvious problems with the car, then value will plummet.

The engine/tranny combo won't bring much, as the engine is First Gen, and they're a dime a dozen in the US. I can't speak to the NZ market, though.

Good Luck in your search!

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