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Stock C4 rims with C5 brakes!

I know this may be basic knowledge to some but I just found this out today on my own car.

STOCK C4 RIMS WILL FIT WITH THE C5 BRAKE CONVERSION... If you install a 1/4 inch spacer. The diameter of the brakes clear 17's with PLENTY of space. Its the distance of the back of the wheel to the caliper! (This may only apply to 91-96 vehicles have not experimented with 84-90

Just a little side info for those who want to utilize their factory rims and want to do the upgrade or, for those who dont have the funds to purchase new rims and this brake conversion!

I believe you can find 1/4" spacers on ebay for extremely cheap.

Hope this helps!!!
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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