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Took the car to MSRH this afternoon to see just how the C7 Z07 19/20 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s would handle the cool winter weather.

Took a laps or 2 to get up to temp and after that they were very predictable.

BUt I think the larger rolling diameter of the 19/20's is throwing the Active Handling off as the system seems the system is kicking in at odd times.

Easily resolved by just turning A/H off and driving the car like it wa 1997 Viper LOL :partyon::D

Rumpa Rumpha Rumpha Rumpha....

MPSC2s good and sticky after a sound thrashing - but clearance for the

19/20s is almost non-existent I might try add a little ride height and try them

again - but will probably just run 18/19 on the track in the future and keep the

19/20 for street use..

Making use of the custom picnic table

As always, run more extra quart of oil


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A/H is nice when driving on rain slick roads. It sucks when tracking a car
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