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C6 at Talladega!

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So I just got back from running my 2007 Machine Silver Z51 Corvette around Talladega. It was a yearly promotion put on by America's First CU and I won a raffle at one of the Autocross races. It was a blast! I have never been to Talladega since I am not a big Nascar fan but I really have more respect for the drivers now that I got to experience the banking first hand. I took my girlfriend's dad in order to earn some brownie points. He is a big Nascar fan and has never been on the track but has been to many races.

We had such a blast. We did have to follow a pace car but the officials told me on my second set of laps that they didn't care if I sandbagged in order to build some speed. So I did. What speed did I reach you ask? 140 down the back staight and 125 in the first turn. I would have done more but the other minivans out there kept getting in the way and I didn't want to get kicked out with the future father-in-law in the car.

I finally talked the future dad into driving. He reached 93 down the back straight while passing a Toyota 4-runner who pass him in the first turn. It was soooo much fun I just had to tell everyone in DC.

Sorry, we both forgot to bring cameras so no pics as of yet. Although, there were people taking pictures from the SCCA so I hope to get a hold of them soon.

I am loving the VETTE!!!!
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That's awesome!!!
Sounds like fun!:thumbsup: :cheers:
Lucky!! Sounds like a blast:partyon: Got any pics?
Sorry, no pics as of yet. I will work on getting some.
SWEET!!!! Talladega is an awesome track :thumbsup:
That's sweet man! Did it spark some desire to go road racing on a track?
Lucky!! Sounds like a blast:partyon: Got any pics?
my wife and I did this back in april or may of this year also it was fun.
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