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C6 Conv. top

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Over winter the battery in my C6 ran down...not dead but needed a trickle charge. Since then, the power top occasionally stops half way down. Must wait 4 minutes to recycle all elect. through, then it works. The dealer told me that when the battery is dead, the top will stall the first time used..however, after a period of non use, the top always stalls going down. If it's used frequently, there seems to be no problem. This is a very inconvenient issue. Anyone know of a solution?
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That's just sooo typical of General Motors:huh:

You'd think if they were aware of the issue, they'd have it corrected by now!

Did you try disconnecting everything (battery) for 10-15 minutes and resetting the computer?
Never had that issue with my vert and it sat for a while during the winter.
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