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After getting pulled over a week ago for no front plate, I decided I had tempted fate long enough. While I only received a warning ticket, it was a computerized version - which I'm fairly certain means the next stop will result in a "real" ticket.

I spent a week looking for a solution I could purchase online, but there really wasn't anything that I felt strongly about. I wanted a plate that was either off center or at an angle and I just wasn't finding what I wanted.

So I dug out the original plate holder (yes - that gosh awful monstrosity from GM) and I begin to experiment...

Seems the plastic GM mount will slip between the top of the grill and the bottom flat of the front nose. Now that's a tough mental picture so bear with me. The underside of the front nose - at the top - where the grill attaches is what we're after. If you were laying on your back with your head at the front bumper you would be looking at the top of the grill and the bottom flat of the nose.

At any rate, the grill snaps on to the car and there is a gap where the center grill support contacts the bumper. It's not a big gap - but the thin plastic of the GM mount will slide right in. If you do this you will have the GM plate mount at a 45 degree angle (or there abouts). For me - this is the "look" I'm after (even if it is centered).

To attach I drilled two holes into the plastic GM plate mount on each side (4 holes total). The holes were top and bottom - not side by side. These were drilled about 2 inches below the top of the GM plate and were spaced about half an inch apart.

I then ran two long plastic locking wire ties into the holes - one on each side - with the "ends" sticking out the back. With the ties in place I mounted the plate and slid the whole assembly onto the front of the car, carefully inserting the frame into the gap. I then reached behind and under the car - grabbed the wire tie ends - pulled them around a center grill bar on each side - and connected the ties, pulling carefully a bit at a time on each side until the whole assembly was secure.

Stepping back - the plate is clearly visable - not hidden by anything - and would appear to follow the "letter of the law". I placed some double sided tape where the bottom of the GM plate holder touches the finish of the bumper to ensure it does not get scratched, but the plan is to replace this with some type of dark "stick on" felt pad that I'll pick up this week at a hobby store.

In hindsight, the double sided sticky tape on the top of the plate bracket (as shown in the photo) doesn't do anything - so don't bother. It "might" act as a paint "cushion" - but I doubt it.

I've now driven to work twice with the plate on and it seems to be a solid mount. The drive is 38 miles both ways and almost all at freeway speeds (65+). I'm now in the market for a better looking license plate, so I suppose the state is gonna get a few bucks out of me anyway - gonna go vanity if I have to run the plate. :D
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