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I currently own a 02 Mag Red which is pretty hard for the new model to beat based on the photos so far. This is my 10th vette so I've seen the evolution. I have learned throught he years that the car is NOT always what it appeared at 1st, both good and bad. The C5 had their problems early on and by the time they got to the 02 learned what the car really needed.

Now with the C6 it appears that it will have a lot more creature comforts which many daily drivers will more than welcome. The horse power seems to still be a huge question out there as to what the 05 -07's will really put out. The Z06 should tell some of that story. Whatever happen to the steerring wheel shifting paddle idea ?

For me, I'll have to close my eyes for a while to get by the light up front. while I scope out the rest. It begs the question will aftermarketers be covering up the obvious. I know Hill must caved-in to the pressure other MFR have been producing but in the end it could very well hurt sales for those who love the true distinction teh pop-ups have given throughout their history. Seems to me they could have come up with a slide-back cover with the lights below which could have achieved both desires unless of course one simply hates the pop-ups.

In the end the car looks a lot more aggressive while the C5 looks more sleek and sophisticated but being I've learned to way and see maybe 11 is on it's way.
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