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Hey Every one.
So what do you all think about the performance of the next C5.5?(I say 5.5 since so far from the cameo PICS it does not look that new -but you never know...)
This is what I hold to happen:
Given that the car will have less weight than the current Z06 model-more power -- and a higher happier RPM range - It should make it to 60 MPH in about 4 maybe 4.1 Seconds. In the Quarter mile I think it should pull around 117/119 (if it will do 120 my hat will be off to GM -and I dont wear one- but I doubt 120 will happen).
On the other end, I do believe that the next vette should be really fast since there is plenty of competition arriving from Europe (such as the E55 and the next, heavily anticipated M from BMW).
Anybody else think that this might be what we are about to experience?
Bottom line as I see it: Looks wise - the car will not be that different ( yet its early to know), while performance wise - GM has always kept me happy whenever they introduced a new model. Anybody else with their 2 cents?
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