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I posted this a few months ago, and never figured it out, but now I have more clues, and pics.

Long story short: I went for a drive one day after my C6 had been sitting in the (california) garage for a couple weeks.

Suddenly got three errors:

Check brake fluid (with red brake light)
Service traction control
Service active handling

And the engine sounded real strange. Pulled over, found that a plug wire had fallen off. Plugged it back in, kept driving. Engine was now normal sounding, but still got those same errors every now and then.

Car is '09 base model with 25k miles.

So car has been sitting since all that happened, driven maybe 1000 miles at most.

Now im trying to figure it out. Heres my new info:

- The wire that fell off does not "snap" back onto its coil like the other ones.
- There is at least one other wire which does not "snap" onto its coil.
- Looking at the two that dont "snap" onto their coil, there is a little C-shaped "spring" piece of metal on the coil end that looks like it got bent too far and is broken. See pics. The coil wires that "snap" on dont look like that. Their C-spring is normal looking and hugs the connector.
- I popped the spring off and it immediately fell apart into two pieces. It was just barely hanging together. Its very white colored and dusty looking, compared to the normal wires which look like plain metal.

My theory: for whatever reason these little C-clips break, and then you get arcing which causes all the errors by sending wild EMI/RF through the electronics. Or maybe the ECU can actually detect the arcing and issues those errors for some reason.

My plan: im going to autozone to buy a $50 plug wire set and see if my problems go away.

Maybe ill go to Chevy and get them, depending on the price.

Could someone tell me what the GM part number is for a plug wire set for an 09 LS3?

According to

748UU is the set.
357D is the single.
8006 is the heat shield.
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