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2006 Corvette Z06 Air Charger $279. w. FREE Shipping
Sale price May valid 1-31

MORE POWER for your New Z

"Air Charger" system for the 2006 Corvette Z06 ON SALE
This is a very nice piece that comes with detailed instructions. Installation time approx. 30-45 mins
Retains the stock air filter and assembly for maximum particle filtration

TEST RESULTS on a 2006 Z06
Test 1 460.6 RWHP 419.74 RWTQ
Bone stock

Test 2 488.90 RWHP 462.61 RWTQ
American Racing Headers, 160 Thermostat,
Polished Throttle Body & 21st Century Muscle Cars LS7 Edit Tuning

Test 3 501.22 RWHP 474.41 RWTQ
All above and the NEW "Air Charger" System
with the stock air filter and assembly in place.
The car was tuned after the header install and re-tuned with the Air Charger added.

Uncorrected numbers on test 3 517 RWHP 489 RWTQ

Kooks, LG Motorsports and American Racing Headers for the C6Z In Stock
GT1-7 and GT3-7 Custom LS7 Camshafts Call for best pricing
Lingenfelter Twin Turbo Z06 in progress.

Best Regards,
John Page
21st Century Muscle Cars
Authorized Lingenfelter Performance Dealer

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This is a slick piece. I saw the Air Charger last Saturday. It appears to turn your OEM system into a Ram Air system without modifying your OEM Intake. :thumbsup:
Sweeeeet:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
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