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Because you are reading this in the C8 section, you know big changes are coming for Corvette. Not surprisingly, this has had a negative impact on current C7 sales (In Q2, sales were down 27%). However, increasing C7 pricing for its probable final year of production seems like an odd response to lower sales, right?

Nope. This is very likely an increase in MSRP only. The cost to the dealers has probably not changed. So why jack up the prices? To get closer to the C8 MSRP. Marketing wants to be able to say, "The new Corvette [C8/Zora/Manta Ray/?????] has a starting MSRP of only $?,??? more than the outgoing C7." Also, dealers will be able to provide even deeper discounts in the final year. You can bet there will also be deep clearance discounts from GM too.

The C7 is not only getting increases in base pricing, but some accessories are getting jacked up too. The Automatic Trans will be priced more than $250 higher.

Bottom line: If you are determined to buy a 2019 C7 do NOT be "that guy" who paid MSRP.

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