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What sports cars will suffer from the great value of the C8? Just some cusp buyers of exotic cars? Maybe, but here's a surprise....

You probably know that BMW and Toyota formed a sports car partnership some time ago...similar to the Subaru / Toyota [Scion] partnership. The first ripe fruit of that partnership was the 4cyl Z4 in March 2019. So what, you might ask. Well BMW plans a straight 6 line topper and an M version that will reach $62k.

The Z4's sister car Toyota Supra has already run some drag races with the sister Z4 and handily beat it. Toyota's stat line says 335 HP, but the loser Z4 has 380HP so for some reason T is underrating the Supra HP. It weighs, depending upon who you listen to either 3,400 or 3,550 lbs. and is currently only available with an 8 spd Automatic transmission. 0-60 times are at or above 4 seconds.

The Supra has been VERY ANTICIPATED and started arriving at dealerships on 7/22/19 with an MSRP of $50-57k. As of 7/17/19 the Supras that weren't pre-sold had been saddled with $~20k dealer mark ups. On 7/19/19 those mark ups fell pretty uniformly down to $~10k and on 7/20/19 according to multiple YOUTUBE Supra fans, all dealers were willing to write up a Supra for MSRP. BOOM. Industry impact BELOW Corvette. If you are reading this, you already know why so it would be a waste of both our time to enumerate the C8 value advantages over the Supra.

One of the YouTube guys has a Supra order scheduled for delivery a few weeks from now and is leaning toward cancelling. He might lose his $1000 deposit, but he says that would be less than a year's depreciation (as soon as he could get a C8). The statements in these vids were, "I WILL be getting a C8" and "I HAVE to have a C8." I don't recall the phrase "game changer" being used by these guys, but that might be a generational saying that is not used by these millennials. It was refreshing to once again see a young fresh faced person raving about getting a Corvette and in awe of its performance value.

However, Toyota's Marketing Dept has, no doubt, been working very long hours with little sleep since 7/18/19. :laughing::laughing:

BMW marketing is probably doing some re-thinking of their own.

Elsewhere in this section we've covered some of the comments about the C8 that were made in the Ferrari Forum. I didn't see and won't see anyone saying they plan to replace their Ferrari with a C8, but I did see LOTS of respect and recognition of the HUGE impact of Small Block Chevy reliability and serviceability in a thoroughly thought out, well engineered C8. More than one guy said it would make sense to have one on hand to drive frequently to keep the mileage down on the Ferrari. Putting 20-30,000 miles on the C8 won't result in a loss of $100k of value.

Fun times.

BTW, you don't suppose that GM Marketing picked the 7/18/19 reveal because the Supra was arriving at dealers on 7/22/19 do you? Would they be that devious?
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