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I have placed orders for a Stingray (6-7 month wait) and a Z06 with a 24 month wait, both at MSRP. The Deposits were lower than I had expected. Either or both orders can be canceled and deposits refunded up until the unit for the order begins production.

I called some of the above dealers (recommended by various sources in the past) before re-starting my search at the top (highest annual sales of Corvettes) with Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City (FORMERLY Kerbeck). I was looking for a dealer who was large enough to not be greedy, honest enough to tell me a realistic wait, yet willing to sell at MSRP. I will not name dealers in this post, but I will tell you that some said they had an 18 month wait for an MSRP Stingray and also said they would not take market adjustments to get one's name earlier into the queue than the day the customer calls. Some dealers avoided making that commitment and I moved on to other dealers. That dealer, BTW also told me their Z06 orders had a $10,000 market adjustment and their expected delivery is about 24-30 months.

Another name on that list told me they began taking C8 Z06 MSRP orders in 2015. He would not tell me the $$ amount of deposits they required. THAT dealer told me that due to the number of Z06 orders they have, ownership has directed them to stop taking new Z06 orders because they are concerned about frustrated customers (I think deposit refund requests might be their concern).

I've been soul searching as to whether or not I should share all of this with you for multiple reasons. One reason is that despite my fairly high level of confidence that these orders will come to fruition, we are talking about a car dealer AND we are talking about a long period of time. Anything could happen, despite being a BIG dealer...well we shall see. We pays our money and we takes our chances, right? Another reason I almost did not share this is that it might appear as a boast or brag. I hope none see it this way because it is NOT my intention. I'm just lucky to be in a position to be able to do this. However, I didn't take this plunge until about a month ago and if there is even one of you reading this who is teetering on "order" or "don't order" that finds this post helpful in any way, I will be very glad I shared it you. BTW, no, I have no plans of keeping the Stingray after picking up the Z06 IF THIS ALL GOES AS PLANNED. That said, we all know what sometimes makes GOD laugh, right? I hope those of you who want a C8, get the one you want someday.
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