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Any one know how to adjust the TV cable?

That may be the problem with my trans !!!!

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The only way I know how to adjust the TV cable is at the re-adjustment tab.

Adjust Procedure

1. After installation of Cable to the engine bracket and throttle Idle lever, check to assure the cable slider is in the zero of fully re-adjusted position. (slider pushed all the way in)

2. Rotate the throttle idle lever to the full travel stop position.

3. Slider must move (ratchet) toward lever when lever is rotated to the full travel stop position.

4. Release lever.

Re-Adjustment Procedure

1. Depress and hold the metal re-adjustment tab. (shaped like a D)

2. Move slider back through fitting in direction away from the throttle Idler lever until slider stops against fitting.

3. Release the re-adjustment tab.

4. When you depress the gas pedal or move throttle lever to the open position it will automatically set itself.

To fine tune for shift points I depress the D tab and move the slider out for longer shifts or push it in for faster shifts. IMO all the way in makes for too long a shift and pulling it out past the the 7th or 8th ratchet position will make it shift too soon. I like mine in the 3rd through 6th positions. HTH.
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