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need to know if these specs will work on a stock motor with out doing any changes to the ecm and prom i do not want to mess with that at all
Camshaft Specs:

Valve Lift Intake: .420

Valve Lift Exhaust: .443

.050 Duration Intake: 204 degrees

.050 Duration Exhaust: 214 degrees

Overlap: 51 degrees

Intake Centerline: 107

Exhaust Centerline: 117

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yes they should work but they also won,t provide the max benefit you could get, heres crane cams version, and its popular swap on the earlier 1984-1986 vettes when your concerned about compatibility as its a boost over factory with no bad side effects

heres a bit more radical cam, that will also work ok, but as crane suggests its best when used with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a 3.54:1 or 3.73:1 rear gearing that helps it noticeably, as the stock rear gear is a restricting factor
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