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Car Show Stewart Airport Newburgh, NY 6/2/07

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On June 2nd our club, The Mid-Hudson Valley Corvette Association, will be holding it's 2nd Annual Car Show. This show was a success last year with approximately 150 cars showing on a cold, damp day. The show is to start at 9AM and will include multiple classes of Corvettes, Vipers and Mustangs. A tentative rain date is scheduled for the following day. A registration fee of $15.00 will be charged for show entrants.

The National Guard cooperates with this show and provides military aircraft for display at the show. At this point we do not yet have a committment for the types of aircraft to be shown. In the past the huge C5A transport planes have been displayed.

Stewart Airport is located near the junction of Route 84 and 87 in Newburgh, NY.

E-mail me for further details at [email protected]
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All I can say is Newburgh has one of the best tuners I've ever been too..

Its Joe from Corvette Tech inc in Newburgh.

Joes a class act!

Is he part of your corvette club?

and fwiw..I didn't realize how close Newburgh is to northern NJ..

Its about 40 minutes from mahwah and only about 55 minutes if you cruise over route 6 mountains from Old Tappan area..

Not only beautiful country up there but great roads..

Sorry to go off topic and most importantly thanks for the heads up...

I'm going to do my best to get up there for the show..

Just one question as I tend to take my handicapped kid with me..if I need to blow out before the show ends b/c the kids got a problem... is that a problem actually being able to drive out of the lot without causing a problem for others in the show?? (some shows its not possible and some it is so I figured I'd ask ahead of time...)

Anybody in the surrounding area who sees this should head up there...

Its a great ride.
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Great to hear from you. Actually Joe from Vette Tech will be working the show. I will check about leaving early. For emergencies I can't imagine it being a problem.

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