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Car Won't Start

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I left the car on accessory for too long and drained the battery. The car door will not open normally and I had to use the key to open the trunk to release the door so I could get in. I connected the jumper cables and my roommate started his car and I hit the start button and it kicked the starter but would not turn over. I tried the starter again and had the same result. We left his car running for a few minutes then tried to start mine again and now the DIC is giving the "No Fobs Detected" message and won't even kick the starter. The fob will unlock/lock the door however. I have no idea what to do. Also the car tries to reposition the mirrors and seat when I press the unlock/lock button on the fob and when I manually opened the door the second time the anti theft system started beeping the horn. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, John
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Never mind. I got it started. I guess I need to learn to read my manual more often.
I think the car thought I was trying to steal it. Since the battery was dead I had to manually open the hatch and driver's side door. I got in the car, screwed around trying to get it to start with no luck then got out and shut the door without shutting the hatch. Then when I tried again I just pulled the cord to open the driver's side door again and the alarm went off. I think that is when I began having the "No Fob Detected" DIC message. The fob was still in the car so I think the car figured the sequence of events seemed like a theft. After getting the horn to stop honking I tried starting again and that's when the DIC no fob message started. I had to plug the fob into the glove box as per the owner's manual and it started right up then.
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