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carb tune info

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Id start by checking for vacuum leaks and verifying the timing curve

Id start by dropping or raiseing the fuel pressure to 5.5 lbs and verifying your getting a minimum of a 1/2 gallon a minute unrestricted flow

Id start at all four jets #70

Id install a NEW power valve and ID buy several,if your carb uses them, so I could play/exchange/test

start here, theres no sence in guessing

heres where
a infared non-contact thermometer helps diagnose mixture problems very quickly, but youll need one that reads into the 1400F range for the headers for quick diagnoses

temperature range from -58 to 1832°F

I use this one :grin: (above) and youll need to learn how to read plugs (this may help)

heres A/F

a few places to look for plug/ignition info

heres other options Chevrolet Distributors.asp

Spark plug /ignition info]http.../garage/hei.htm

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Thanks Grumpy
I havent read all that yet, but i propose a sticky so it is easy to find.

I love this forum.
Very Nice, great info that will help a lot of others.:thumbsup:
Wow! Great research! Thanks!
Is that all? jk

Thanks, as soon as Im done with War and Peace ill start reading...
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