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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to put your car into a massive cocoon where no dangers of the outer world could get it? Well, with our inflatable Indoor Bubble Car Cover by CarCapsule it becomes possible. The guys from Car Capsule have developed an extremely effective cover to securely shield your precious car from damage. Thanks to the special washable built-in charcoal filter, this incredibly strong and durable see-thru vinyl bubble cover is a must-have for any automotive enthusiast, who wants to keep his car free from rust and damages. Car Capsule Indoor Bubble Car Cover is available in different lengths from 12 feet up to 22ft and can equally well fit a motorcycle or a muscle car. The Bubble cover is also easy-to-clean, using paper towels.

Regular covers are not an option anymore, go with the Bubble Car Cover by Car Capsule for the most effective indoor protection of your high-end muscle, see more details about Indoor Bubble Car Cover by CarCapsule at CARiD:

Includes: car capsule, single panel fan, 110V transformer, and washable filter;
Easy-to-clean with paper towels;
Takes 5-10 min to setup and inflate;

As usual, our technical expert Greg has prepared an in-depth review of this product for you. Watch it completely to find out all the ins and outs!
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