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I have a black 05 coupe and I got Z06 chrome rims. A month or so ago I found that the center cap on the front left wheel either fell off or was stolen. Got a replacement and this week I found the same cap missing again.

Either someone has an affinity for that particular center cap, or there's a problem. Any ideas to get it to stick? My first suspicion is that there is a problem with the actual rim but I really don't know.

Any input is appreciated!!!


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I've heard many folks talk of lost center caps on aftermarket OEM style wheels.

Sounds like you are in the same boat. You need to narrow down if it's the cap, or if one of your wheels is different slightly in the center cap area.

Take a cap from a wheel that has no issue, and put it on the wheel that keeps losing caps.

If it loses another cap, you need a new wheel... it may have a casting or CNC issue.

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Try a couple dabs of clear silicone to keep it from falling off.

Good insurance. Don't over do it though. Next time you have a ...
...flat fixed...
...tire replaced ...
...wheel balanced ...

... the tire guys will try to push the cap out from the back. If you have it glued in too tight, they could break it trying to pop it out.

I lost one off of my right front aftermarket chrome Z06 wheel too.
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