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Welcome to and essentially, my world.


Who the hell am I ? Briefly, I'm the guy that sets the direction, pays the bills and makes the deals for this site. Enough of that, I prefer to be "Patrick", one of 64,000 members. I like to blend. Power means nothing to me, unless it's under a hood. (burnout video)

CORVETTES RULE owns two Corvettes. An '02 Z06 track car (the "DC Z") and an '07 coupe (the "DC C6").

I wipe out all the time (video). Our Corvettes are riddled with rock chips, cracked body panels, windshield cracks, imbedded bugs, rubber coated rear wheel wells, and dangerously bald tires. Sometimes I won't wash the cars for months. Snow, salt, sand, rain, rocks, ice, tumbleweed, rabbits, gravel, huge rocks, sprawling grass, tornados and vicious hail storms ... I've endured it all in 22 states. Oh, I sit on my car too.

A year ago I ran our '02 Z06 to 177.25 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats (video), and hope to go for 200+ mph soon. I pound the living crap out of these Corvettes and hemorrhage money due to caring more about the "Corvette experience" than the well being of the cars.

I've raced on 12 different road racing courses from Nevada to Ohio. I've also been drag racing for 20 years. I participated in the '07 Cannonball One Lap of America this year with other DC members (photos). So much more to come.

WHO RUNS THE BACK END? is my full time gig. I also employ an underboss, and he's known as "Dan85Vette" on this forum. We also will bring on another staffer in the near future. When you have 32 clients and 64,000 members, you can imagine how busy we are each day. Day after day. Unlike other sites, actually makes money.

The sister company to is Productions, which launched the internet TV series Vette Dogs in May. Start at episode 1 and you'll learn a lot about me.


At DC, there is no foul word censor, no heavy handed moderation, yet there is almost no bullshit here on DC. Other than great Corvette discussion, it's a pretty damn funny site. And, has maintained a positive vibe for the last 4.5 years.


Our 35 moderators are generally bored and spend most of their time fixing spelling mistakes in subject titles. But, are empowered to do what needs to be done. All of our moderators (we prefer "DC Pit Crew") are different people, different ages, different personalities, introverts, extroverts, perverts and make different decisions. Not only do they participate on the site as regular members, they do an awesome job keeping the community on track. Don't antagonize them or other members, I take it personally.


I'm direct, speak straight up and honestly, and I have no issue answering direct questions, publicly. So, with that in mind, I just want to bullet point the following things.

1. Welcome!
2. DC will stay "DC" and remain an awesome site.
3. We are not anthing like CF nor are we "CF part 2", nor will this site ever turn into CF.
4. With 64,000 members now, we gain nothing from new membership other than larger bandwidth bills and more work for the staff. Don't be under any assumption more members means more revenue.
5. Our moderators prefer to not watch their dinners get cold because they need to deal with something on the site.
6. I'm tired of hearing about CF.
7. Yes, I'll take $4 million for the site. Wouldn't you? hahaha
8. No foul word censor, that doesn't mean "celebrate it".


CF was in the toilet years ago. What we see is that people bitch and complain about it CF here on DC, but CF people always go back for more. It's almost comical at this point. Are you guys any different? Maybe, maybe not.

This is a Corvette site, the lounge has always been secondary. Few are here just for that. That said, some of you ex-CF guys are REALLY fricking funny. I've read some lounge posts that have utterly cracked me up. But, a small percentage of you guys are dicks. Over time we'll pluck the dicks like gray hairs on my balls. Whatever it takes to keep DC on track, low stress, good fun for everyone. 99% of you appreciate that, 1% of you won't. But, it is going to happen... over time, when necessary. Of course, you'll probably already have gone back to CF before we need to do that.


Please don't start any new CF threads. I have a headache and it's ruining my beer buzz. So, to keep things organized, new CF threads will be merged with old CF threads. So, if you see a thread vanish, it's likely been squished with another one that is discussing the same thing.

We have joked for some time that there is an illness called "Post CF Traumatic Stress Disorder". So, we always give ex-CF'rs some time to vent, and some time to adjust and calm down. But, there are so many of you joining there is too much talk of CF and now some strange negative energy in the air. I'd like that to subside.


We don't want people here because CF sucks, but because DC rocks. And, it does, and will continue until I get $4 million dollars and then I'm bailing on you guys in like 2 nano-seconds. haha

Anyway, enjoy the site, but don't be a gray hair on my balls.

Can I get an amen? :thumbsup:


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I may be a gray hair, but I wish nothing to do with your balls. Please deposit me upon Jennifer Love Hewitt's snapper instead. Thank you!!!

Oh, yeah, and...... AMEN!

:buhbye: :cheers:

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That is well said. Thank you for opening your home to new members (where ever we happen to come from). I like this place. I plan on staying for a while. :cheers:

I hope that I can add value to your site or at least some laughter.

Should this be a sticky? :D
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