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BATTSUP I saw a video of the last gumball rally starting in New York and it was nothing but ticket after ticket for the participants. You never our run the cops, never and these guys just accepted the tickets and moved on to the next.
They were interviewing a number of drives at the end of each day and every one had a string of tickets. The cops set up traps all along the route and just kept pulling them over.
Even burnouts in parking lots got their attention and also their ticket.
They showed some of the racers using the right shoulder as a high speed passing lane but the cops always got them in the end.
So if someone can afford a mass of tickets, no insurance in the future and loss of license, forgot alot of cars were destroyed over the race in accidents, blowups. etc it is a good race to try.
I like my life and car too much to even wish for something like that.
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