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The easiest way to clean Corvette carpet is by hand. Usually some cleaner, a brush, and a towel to agitate the dirt out is all you need. Light colored, dark colored, and every colored carpet in between. It all comes clean.

From Surf City Garage Professional, we offer the Pro APC Concentrate to clean carpets. Start at a dilution of 16:1 and see where that takes you. You can always dilute it to be stronger. In fact, we keep it as a Concentrate so that the user can use the product for more than just one thing. From the product page:

Recommended Uses:
- Heavy duty cleaning - Tires, engine bays, clear coated wheels, bug or tar removal 4:1
- Moderate cleaning – aluminum, wax-stained trim, foam pads and accessories 8:1
- Light cleaning – interior surfaces, door panels, coated leathers, delicate materials 16:1

Surf City Garage Professional APC Concentrate Page
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