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Closing the convertible decklid . . .

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OK, what's your way to do it? I've seen some let it drop hard enough to close completely, others set it softly down and gently push it fully closed. Either way, opening or closing it without getting fingerprints all over it seems to be problematic. What's your way?
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The convertible decklid doesn't have an automatic pulldown feature - and if you just "close" it, it rarely seems to latch completely. So, you either slam it or push it all the way closed. There must be a better way - what is it?
I just push the button on the dash until it clicks
Gee, why didn't I think of that?:rolleyes:

Sure, that will pop the release - but it doesn't open or close the lid.
Nope -it's a 3LT with the power top - not that that has anything to do with the question. I'm talking about the trunk lid, not the tonneau.

And I agree, the convertible's trunk lid should have the same pull-down feature that the coupe's hatch does. Oh, well - if this is my biggest complaint (and so far it is), I guess the car must be pretty good!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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