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I dont know how better to describe this, but when @ idle and releasing the clutch with little to no throttle tip in, there is a hiss when what appears to be engagement of clutch to pressure plate. or reease of. The car rolls forward and moves, but the clutch is slow to engage. Almost as though it isnt releasing. Also, when driving, it shifts gear to gear, but when tip in and or bosst is applied (all gears) it gives a shudder and appears to be slipping. This is a new clutch as of last fall and there is 2000 miles or less on it. I am thinking the slave is not releasing? bad master? I noticed that a few times i could almost feel brake drag or what appeared to be, and if you tap the brake pedal te car seems to release. Im thinking bad master. I have also noticed a smell of clutch as of today when taking itfor an evaluation drive.
Thoughts? When they changed the clutch they did not change the master or slave. Hmm.. Im thinking thats it. I need to get it on a hoist to see the discand see if the Spec clutch is shot. God, I hope not!!
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